Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Projects Supported

Projects Supported

NorAH has supported many projects which have improved our collective knowledge of Norfolk’s past through archives. Each project supported by NorAH falls into at least one of six categories.

Purchasing archives – NorAH helps archive repositories, such as the Norfolk Record Office, purchase archives so they can be made publicly available for free. Find out more.

Preserving archives – NorAH supports projects which improve the long-term survival of Norfolk’s archives. This could be the purchase of non-acidic storage boxes or active conservation to prevent the permanent loss of unique information. Find out more.

Making archives more accessible – NorAH funds projects which make it easier to use archives and to find relevant information. Activities supported include digitisation, cataloguing, and indexing. Find out more.

Learning from archives – Learning from archives – NorAH supports projects which help people learn about our past using archives or which teach new skills to enable the use of archives. These could be in formal sessions for school children, or more informal sessions for lifelong learners. Find out more.

Norfolk’s Archive Community – Norfolk’s archives are cared for by many different organisations. Some employ professional archivists and conservators; others could be community archives run by volunteers. NorAH funds projects which support the development of any organisation which cares for Norfolk’s archives which aim to share them with the public. Find out more.

Archives and Wellbeing – NorAH recognises that archives can be an amazing vehicle for improving someone’s wellbeing. With reference to the five steps to mental wellbeing, archival projects can help people connect with others, be active, and keep learning. Find out more.

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